Frank Petry – International Event Expert

Inspire – share – connect

May I introduce myself: Frank Petry, international event expert and independent service provider for MICE. I will present you the possibility to organize international events with your own team in direct contact to my local network - even without a national agency.

No additional costs – No incalculable risks – with high potential for savings.

How that works: As a consultant, agent or a team coach, I am on your side and part of your team from the idea to the applause. As a "one-stop-strategy" I will be a reliable interface and a competent partner for planning, organizing and implementing your events. Customized creativity, best quality and highest standards are my claim. Thanks to lean structures and the special orientation of my services, I will generate remarkable savings providing a full service range.

This is possible by using the direct contact to my rehearsed onsite networks in MICE destinations worldwide and the reduction of agency commissions.